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Managing Coal Mine Closure : Achieving a Just Transition for All

Managing Coal Mine Closure: Achieving a Just Transition for All outlines the lessons learned from countries’ experiences closing coal mines and key steps governments can take to minimize social conflict and economic distress associated with the closures.

Achieving a “Just Transition for All” is possible through early engagement and dialogue with stakeholders and strong social assistance programs. Governments play a leading role in the process, bearing the cost of physical closure of mines and labor transition programs, even when coal mines are privately owned, according to the report.

The report also outlines specific measures that can be undertaken to facilitate the transition:

  • A range of government agencies must work together to manage the social and labor impacts from coal mine closures, while a specific mine closure agency is best equipped to handle the physical closure of mines.
  • While many coal-mining areas are unable to create new job opportunities, governments can implement labor mobility schemes, enabling coal miners and their families move to areas with strong economies and new job prospects.

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